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Sydney Public Transport – What You Should Know

When visiting Sydney, travellers will want to make the most of their time spent in this fantastic city. Getting around as quickly and efficiently as possible will make the stay more enjoyable. Sydney provides a variety of public transportation options for tourists to choose from. These include trains, ferries, and bus service. The following information details the different kinds of transportation a tourist can use and costs for each of these.

There are two types of train travel available in Sydney. There is the regular train network that not only runs in the city and throughout the general area but connects to other cities as well. There are several train stations located in the city. These include Central, Town Hall, Museum, St. James, Kings Cross, Martin Place, Circular Quay, and Wynyard. Most train lines run from 4 am to approximately midnight. Each train station provides ticket vending machines 24 hours. Rates vary extensively depending on where a tourist would board the train and where he would finish the trip. A single adult ticket from Central to Martin Place would be $3.80 one way. There is also a light rail line system in the city. This train operates on a regular basis as well, but in a more limited area.

Buses run close to 24 hours a day. To keep delays to a minimum most buses require riders to purchase prepaid tickets. If a visitor is planning on only using buses to get around the city, purchasing a MyBus ticket is probably the ideal choice. A MyBus ticket is valid on all private and government buses in Sydney. These tickets can be purchased in a few different ways. MyBus Single tickets can be bought for one, two, or three single trips. There are other ticket combinations available as well. There are buses that are accessible for those using wheelchairs, ride-on-scooters, and prams.

There is a free city bus shuttle that operates every ten minutes. It is limited, however, on where it goes. Currently this bus runs in both directions on a loop from the Central Station to Circular Quay. This route runs through George Street. The hours of operation are Weekdays from 9am to 3:30 pm. Thursdays, however, the bus runs until 9pm. On weekends the bus runs from 9:30am to 6pm.

Ferries travel across the Sydney Harbor from the Circular Quay terminal to a variety of destinations including Taronga Zoo and several suburban areas. The ferry system offers all in one passes for travelers. Most single ticket prices for tours are approximately $6.00 for an adult.

Multi Passes
Purchasing a multi-day pass is a great way to explore the city while being able to use several modes of public transportation. This option is called MyMulti DayPass and it includes unlimited travel all day on all the intercity trains, on regional and Sydney city buses, light rail networks, and ferries. Children who are 3 and under can ride for free while students and those aged 4 to 15 receive a concession. MyMulti DayPass is currently $23.00 for an adult and $11.50 for a child.

Where Can I Purchase Tickets?
While some tickets are purchased right before traveling, others can be bought in advance. The main venues for purchasing tickets are the actual transportation locations. At the train stations visitors can purchase train tickets and some select bus tickets. At the ferry wharf, tickets can be bought for the ferry as well as MyMulti tickets. Only light rail tickets can currently be bought on board the light rail. There are several other places throughout Sydney where travelers can purchase paper tickets. A few of these places include convenience stores, news agencies, select post offices, and some shops.

The Opal Card
The Opal Card is a relatively new electronic system that involves purchasing what is similar to a debit card for traveling throughout Sydney. Instead of purchasing a paper ticket an individual would load a certain amount on their Opal card. A variety of transportation options could be loaded onto the card. Opal cards can be used for trains, buses, and ferries throughout Sydney.

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