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Are You Going to Stay My Place

When visiting a city such as Sydney, you hope that you will be staying in the best quality accommodation that you can find but sometimes your budget will not permit it and you have to look at other options such as shared accommodation or hostels or even staying with friends.

When you’re looking through rental apartments, Downtown Sydney is the most popular destination with the lone travellers and many look for short term furnished apartments here due. Renting a fully furnished apartment here is perfect if you want to be right in the middle of Sydney’s business but they probably won’t be spacious and will have only one or two bedrooms at most but that’s perfect for those who are travelling alone or with one friend. If you have a large group, you’ll need to consider looking out in Sydney’s sprawling suburbs.

Sydney’s waterfront space has become such a premium piece of real estate and is highly sought after by businesses and the real estate moguls that apartment space is limited and as such the waterfront properties can only support one to two bedroom apartments. This is great for a single traveller or a couple but not so great for families who are looking for that extra space for the kids. The cost of these apartments can sometimes be very expensive but you can find a great deal if you aren’t too picky about what you want in your apartment, for instance if you don’t want all the bells and whistles and just want basic amenities like a shower, a toilet, an oven and a couch then you’ll probably find a great deal such as what you can find at http://www.staymyplace.com.au/.

If you’re not into renting an apartment all by yourself then there is a shared accommodation option that could be right up your street. There are many shared accommodation apartments available in Sydney and you can share with friends or you can share with people you’ve never met before. Either way, it’s still an exciting adventure. The best thing to remember is that if you are looking for cheap accommodation, then staying with a friend or in a hostel in a shared room is always a good idea. It’s always cheap when you’re only paying part of the bill, isn’t it?

The prices of some of the hostels in big cities like Sydney are unbelievably low, considering that you are actually in a capital city, perhaps even on the same block as the Hilton hotel and have the same or perhaps even a better view of the Harbour Bridge than they do at the Hilton. In some hostels though, you unfortunately get what you pay for. No service, No breakfast, just a key to your room and that is it. The lock might even be broken so be aware of this before you book into a hostel.

There’s also an option that people might not have considered before and that many lone backpackers and travellers consider and use whenever they come to a country: Staying with a friend. If you are lucky enough to have friends who you’ve met either online or somewhere else and they live in Sydney, then you have an option of staying with them, if they allow it, of course.

Staying with a friend is going to be much cheaper, meaning you don’t get a bill at the end of your stay but if you feel the need, you can try to re-imburse them for food and other such expenses that may have been incurred. If they’re a good friend, they won’t take it. If they’re selfish, they probably will but that being said, if they were a selfish friend, you wouldn’t be staying with them, would you?

So, if you are staying with a friend or in shared accommodation, either way you’ll still be in Sydney and that’s an experience in itself!

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