furnished apartment in Sydney CBD

7 Reasons to Book Furnished Accommodation in Sydney

There are lots of living accommodations available for a traveller to choose from when visiting Sydney, Australia. Whether travelling for business, an extended holiday, or educational opportunities, fully furnished apartments are becoming increasingly popular. The following information details the benefits of choosing these types of accommodations and one of the market leaders for furnished apartments in Sydney is Furnished Properties Pty Ltd.

1. More Space is Available
Many travellers, especially when on extended trips, simply need more room to be comfortable. Travellers who have planned an extended stay will likely have brought more items along for the trip than those who are there for a shorter amount of time. Hotel rooms can be notoriously small and cramped, with most only offering a bedroom area and a bathroom. Even many suites only provide a small sitting area and a kitchenette in addition to the bedroom and bathroom. Furnished accommodations in Sydney can offer several areas such as living rooms, dining rooms, and separate bedrooms. When able to enjoy extra rooms for extensive stays, guests can be made to feel right at home. Having that “at home” feeling can help travellers relax and unwind, making their stay more productive.

2. Cooking Facilities and Kitchen Space
While there are many great restaurants in Sydney, it’s sometimes preferable to stay in and enjoy a home-cooked meal. Being able to relax and wind down after a long day is important to making your stay as successful as possible. Having a kitchen and a place to store items gives visitors a chance to shop where the locals do and more easily become part of day to day life in Sydney. Being self-sufficient and blending into the culture are two great reasons having cooking facilities is a good choice. Even if a traveller isn’t planning on doing a lot of cooking, simply having kitchen space with appliances can make life a lot easier. Having a refrigerator to store drinks and a microwave to heat up leftovers is a great convenience.

3. The Benefit of Added Amenities
Added extras like laundry services and off-street parking can make the stay even more enjoyable. Sometimes a washer and dryer may even come with furnished accommodations. Pools, sauna, and an onsite gym are often part of the accommodations as well. Many furnished accommodations not only have general furnishings, but provide pots and pans for cooking. Some options might even include patio gardens and terraces.

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